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Automatic Gates

Traditionally, automatic security gates were usually installed on up-market residential properties and communities. Generally employed these days to provide a robust protective barrier both to private homes and business properties by means of a smart and secure entrance, there is a wide selection available with regard to design, materials, ease of operation and functionality.

Toronto-based Art Metal Workshop has a long-standing reputation for designing, manufacturing and installing an extensive selection of top quality security gates for a diverse range of customers.

Security gates serve to provide an extra layer of protection for a property while adding an effective and distinguished aesthetic to the exterior. To install gates that are absolutely right for your particular requirements, all the options need to be carefully considered including space constraints, technology, volume of traffic and local area.

For example, automated or manual gates are useful for narrow spaces while electric gates operate via remote control. Electronic gates can work out more expensive not only to manufacture and install but also to keep in good running order; while decorative gates usually have unique designs and can be made from many different materials with special finishes.

Opening from the centre, swing gates are usually constructed from metal and can be supplied in automatic or manual versions; folding gates are often utilised to provide an additional security barrier to a set of standard doors.

Art Metal Worksop can design all types of customised solutions tailored to fit the terrain and available space for individual customers’ premises.

Our family-run business offers years of experience and a dedicated team of artisans who will work with you to help you achieve the results you want – every step of the way.

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